NetBoz Firewall
Netboz boots from a CD, making a firewall of any Pentiumę class PC

Important Notice:

The NetBoz project has been freezed.
We are not available for questions, and the download sites have been shot down.

We thank you all for your support and hope to be back again as a real open source project. See you then !

The NetBoz Team

NetBoz works over standard FreeBSD services, giving maximum flexibility, ease of use and performance to corporate networks. Do you need more power? just add hardware. No user licences to pay for, no costly upgrades, no brand dependance.

NetBoz is a live CD. It does not use a hard disk, while all the settings are stored on a write-protectable diskette, making it virtually inmune to intrusions and power failures.


Main Features
Web administration interface
Does not use a hard disk
Works with 2 or 3 network interfaces
NAT for publishing LAN or DMZ services
DNS server
DHCP server
DHCP client on WAN interface
PPPoE support (new!)
Real time traffic monitoring
Unlimited users
It's free !

Version 1.4 beta

Manual Keys VPN
That's the basic, old style

Most appliances interoperability !

Anonymous IKE
Connect from anyware !

Hard Disk compatible
OK, OK, install it to a Hard Disk if you want !

Protect your Windows network with NetBoz


NetBoz Firewall